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We are  boutique Venture Development & Advisory firm helping entrepreneurs and investors to reach new heights
when building, developing and growing their ventures.

We are a partner on your journey building and growing your venture.

We love early-stage innovative companies challenging existing players.
We always like to help, be it just a friendly advice or an introduction, or long-term partnership.
We execute, not sit idle on sidelines and watch how you struggle.

Strategic Execution Advisory

Right options, rightly executed.

We make strategy practical tool for early-stage businesses, and we know how to put it into action. It's about changing perspective, see the options and take it forward.
We provide you with an unfair advantage, and you will see what others don't and can act upon it.

Venture Development

Focus on what matters most.

We love early-stage businesses, and that's why we love to be hands-on with them. Working closely as an integral part of founding teams or supporting them to take the company to the next level.

Strategic Options

Every idea needs the right resources.

Ideas in every business are born and die every day. Mostly because you don't know how to execute them or you don't have the right resources. We provide the ability to see the options for financing, business expansion, building supply chain and much more.

Global Reach

The business has no boundaries.

We are working with business across the world, including emerging markets taking advantage of the understanding of both global as well as local dynamic.


Please let us know how we can possibly help you.